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The conceptual, edgy and striking – Dhwani Bansal Jewellery

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Feels great how it becomes the first thing they notice, the first compliment you receive! And amazing how a piece of jewelry can alter an entire appearance. How putting on the right accessory becomes your game-changer-move! And since it only comes with the right jewellery, I’m dedicating this one to a dope store full of stunner accessories designed by Dhwani Bansal – Dhwani Bansal Jewellery.

What I really love about their designs is that each of their collections has an inspiration behind, and so clearly the jewellery actually speaks of it. Have a look!


Ivy is the collection inspired by winter trees. Designs under this collection revolve around leaves and each piece is handcrafted to perfection, in brass and 18k gold plating. The earrings below are from the collection Ivy. Some designs under this collection also feature rice/freshwater pearls in them. Did you notice pearls in this one? I find them lovely! 

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Also the grainy texture of the leaves that gives them a 3D appearance, amazing!


You’ll love this one! ♥

I’m easily sold to things feminine and elegant. Elysian is inspired by the Sufi Poet Rumi and Islamic Architecture. Feminine, delicate and pretty, these too are made using brass and 18k gold plating with bright finish. Take a look at some bangles and necklace, easily reminding of the delicate and unmarked Islamic Architecture.

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Intricate, fine, beautifully carved.


KIYO has been inspired by the Japanese Bamboo! And as I said that every collection speaks of the idea behind it, KIYO’s clean lines, geometric structure and minimal look brings to mind a sight of the Japanese culture. It is Dhwani’s most recent concept and other than the edgy design, it also stands out in terms of the metal and coating : Rose gold, quartz and Black Zirconia.

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Unique right? Go ahead, explore the entire range here : Dhwani Bansal Jewelley. That’s her store at Instagram!

Which collection did you like the most? Tell me in comments!

Feel free to email me anytime at Let’s also connect on Instagram : Tavneet Walia. I’m glad you visited! Until next time. Xx

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Juno X Hedonista

Thank you so much for dropping by! I’m writing after so long, seeing you here is a delight! All this time, this thing has been on my mind. Promotional campaigns. It’s such a delight to come across wonderful stores, and more so, to experience their products and spread the word about them! I’m having fun already!

We are starting with Hedonista, an online store that believes in luxury and unabashed indulgence. They bring to you the most amazingly fragrant bathe, body and skincare products which are free from chemicals, are natural and handmade to perfection. Chemical-free luxury! What more can you ask for? They also have a cool giveaway for you! I’ve mentioned all the details at the end.

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So I received from them

Gourmet Salt Soap

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First impression : Super fresh aroma! The soap has a lovely citrus fragrance which makes bathing a very refreshing affair. Lol it even keeps the bathroom smelling so fresh afterwards (luxurraayy)! It has a granular texture which helps exfoliate the skin gently, and it lathers well too. It’ll last longer than most other soaps. And I loved the packaging too!

You can shop it here : Gourmet Salt Soap

Fleur Frozen Ittar

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If you haven’t heard about solid perfumes/perfume balms, they’re simply what their name suggests. A perfume that’s solid, so it won’t spill over your clothes while you’re travelling. Perfume balms are a risk-free, travel-friendly version of perfumes. They come in compact, tiny bottles, so they don’t take a lot of space either!
At Hedonista, they call it frozen ittar and I have covered the Night-blooming Jasmine Fleur Frozen Ittar here. Jasmine’s is my favorite fragrance. I just love those tiny white flowers a lot ♥

Solid perfumes are milder in comparison to the liquid ones, but they have their own merits! So yeah this one too, isn’t very strong, but it does feel very balanced and beautiful. Plus it saves you from the risk of spilling. Plus it’s so sophisticated to apply in public. Plus it saves space. Plus YOU NEED IT! Shop it here right away.

Hair Perfume

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I relate the idea of fragrance to peace. I would rather charm just a few people around, than stir the entire room, burning their nostrils with my scent and then sending it even deeper to their lungs! Nope. That’s much more than the attention I’d ask for! My job get’s done with the peaceful aroma of this Hair Perfume. This one again, has a fresh citrus aroma.

Shop it here : Hair Perfume

Clear moisturizer

This is the first moisturizer I’ve come across that’s not creme based. It’s also less of a gel and more of a thick clear liquid which feels so cool on the skin! The aroma is uniquely arousing.

Even though this moisturizer is recommended for oily skin and humid climate (hey Mumbaiwalas!), it does a good job on my super dry skin too, except for the areas around the corners of my lips which are extra dry. It feels very light on the skin! As if you applied nothing and the skin still feels hydrated and fresh. As if your skin is naturally so. Some recipe from the heavens?

Shop it here : Clear Moisturizer

Face Dew

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Trust me. Since the day (or night) I started using this face spray, I’m using it everyday! It has become a ritual for me to spray it over my face before sleeping. Maybe because my brain believes that I’ll wake up beautiful? Wow that’s stupid!

It’s essential af to moisturize/hydrate your skin before sleeping. And that’s what the spray does. It hydrates, soothes and restores the skin after a day out. Also I love how it leaves my skin looking dewy after I apply it!

You can shop it here :  Face Dew

About the Giveaway

IMG_20170506_121725 (1)

The contest will take place on Instagram, at my handle @junostatementdotcom. It’ll be open to entries from 18/05/17 till 24/05/17.

Prize : Hedonista Hamper containing a Gourmet Wine Soap and a Face Mist.

Rules :

Lucky winner will be announced on 27/05/17. Wish you luck and I hope you win! I also hope you enjoy shopping and experiencing Hedonista at Feel free to ask your queries at the comments section, or drop an email at I’m here!

Thanks again! Xx


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You are not sad.


All this time, this very long time, you have been sad. As if Sad has become your way of life. You smile, you do smile. You crack jokes and laugh hard with people who won’t believe their ears if someone told them how you spend nights wondering about ways to end your life. You pick yourself up, and tell yourself that you’re strong. And oh. You are strong. But somehow, you are unable to rid yourself of this constant gloom. And nobody knows.

I do. I feel you.

But what if I tell you that you’re just one step away from ridding yourself of this heavy wicked something that’s eating up all your moments you could spend feeling light and peaceful, or adoring the things that you have, or at the least, falling asleep without crying? You’re just one step away. Just for this moment, just because this will work, look at it this way:

You have not been sad. You have just been not happy. So bro, we aren’t calling it sadness or depression. Please don’t say that you’re depressed. The only reason behind your sadness, if that is what you call it, is the absence of happiness. It’s the absence of reasons to be happy. Are you able to see it that way? Are you able to give a thought to what I just said? Take a moment. Read it again. You are not sad. You are just not happy.

The one step that I’m talking about is a promise that you need to make to yourself. It’s a decision that you’ll take. A decision you’ll stick to. Because we don’t break promises that we make to our own selves, do we? No.

If you can make a promise, you can keep a promise.

I’ll tell you what the promise is, but before that, let me correct myself.

It isnt the absence of reasons to be happy. They are there, still there. But we have some fresh new reasons to be sad, so we have switched our frame of view to these new things that make us sad, and we keep on zooming into them. Unknowingly overlooking our good old reasons to be happy. So rude of us. So rude of us, we waste time waiting for something else, waiting, yearning, crying, wishing, unknowingly disrespecting what we already have. Unknowingly failing to find happiness in everything we already have.

You need to stop waiting. You are deliberately waiting for something. Stop.

Let’s play a little game here. Try this for a day and allow your soul to feel the change. This activity is for your soul.

Imagine yourself holding sorrows in your arms, the ones that you’ve been carrying for such a long time. Drop all of it on the floor. Drop your past mistakes, drop that heartbreak you had, drop regrets, drop failures, drop tensions and worries, drop insecurities, drop expectations, drop that longing, drop every thought that brings tears in your eyes. Drop everything that has been haunting you. Drop every trouble on the floor. Your arms need to be empty. Imagine your arms completely empty. Free. Relieved.

Are you imagining?

Now imagine more. Imagine that you make a secret promise to yourself, that you wont pick anything from the floor again. You’ll take charge of your mood. When you feel low, when in the middle of the night, a sad thought tries to enter your mind, promise that you’ll immediately switch to a happy reason! That you’ll start thinking about how funny and dumb your bestfriend is, or how much you enjoy with them, or the last time you ate your favorite food, or that funny video that you watched on Facebook, or simply scroll through jokes like this one,

Switch your frame from sad to happy. You need to train your brain by doing this every time! Push it away, whatever tries to make you feel low. You’ll develop this habit of valuing happy moments. Give up on this sad habit. Make a promise that you will close doors to everything sad. Imagine closing doors to everything sad. Forever. Now only peace and gratitude is allowed to stay. Imagine your heart healing.

We humans, we have a higher tendency of pushing ourselves towards sadness than toward happiness. And that is why, we find it so easy to cry. When we can break into crying for no reason, can’t we smile for no reason? Smile wide everyday. Smile like a stupid, make the ugliest faces, laugh on your own self!

Imagine how peaceful that feeling is. No more crying, no more sleepless nights, no more complains. Because suddenly, like very suddenly, you have the key! You suddenly have a promise to keep! A promise to self. Your own secret promise.  You suddenly have a purpose in life. And that purpose is to keep yourself happy. The moment you let go, you start living. You were just realisation away. Just a secret promise away.

Sadness will lead you nowhere in life. Nowhere. Nothing bad can ever attract good. You’ll remain stuck forever, it’s a trap that’ll fool you. It’s just a myth. Depression is a myth. Even if it isnt, believe that it is. I believe it is, and I healed myself.

So let go. Start living. Live with what you have. Because all that you have, is enough to make you feel happy about life. Aspire, dream, work, achieve, grow, take pride, make proud, pull yourself out, get back to life. Because life isn’t bad. Life isn’t hard on you. Rather, life is so good that when you give something to it, it gives you back twice as much. 🙂

Try. Take the step towards your own secret promise...

Feel free to your feelings. I’m here for you. Email : Take care, strong child! You got this.

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The magic of bows.

I’ve put bows on the most boring braids and buns. Now see the magic!



Them big bows!
I don’t even know how I did this bun. And I now wonder how incomplete it would look without this bow, the vintage bow!

I know you immediately want to know where to shop more of these bows from. Find all the details towards the end!



That boring school braid, you see? Also, this grip is my favorite! ☺



The owner calls these earrings polka candies. She’s got lot more colors to choose from!



This one’s a bow comb. I’ve tried it to light up an Indian outfit. You can too!

Where to shop? Find all of these and even more amazing bow-accessories at Cats and Bows, which is an Instagram business owned by Roshni Tiwari. Instagram handle : @cats.and.bows.
Every article at her store is handcrafted to perfection. Have a quick look here to believe: Cats and Bows

I’m sure you’re shopping some! Keep in touch!

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Is this the simplest hair care tip that will actually get you healthy and long hair?

Yes I guess.

Life would be so good if every day was a good-hair-day. More selfies, more Snapchat stories, more smiles! Aren’t we really happy on days our hair is on point? You’re smiling 😀

It is super essential to take care of your mane. More so if you got it gang raped by strong chemicals while getting them styled! A lot of people have been asking me about how I take care of my hair. I don’t insist on you having the same routine as mine, just have a good routine that works! It can be a hair spa every ten days and regular trimming. Or it can be a short quick massage every day to boost blood circulation.

Anyway, to make you believe that the tip works, see how my hair looked. Dry, dull, less volume.


My hair now:


We say our hair were beautiful till our moms combed them. Because moms never cared how dumb we looked with oily hair! Yes. To me, hair oils are the key. My hair went super dry and dull and I tried maximum of the tips available on Google. Yogurt, green tea, stinky eggs, bananas, hair packs, hair spas, huff! I also read that it’s essential to eat healthy to keep hair healthy. But ask the people who know me well and they’ll tell you that I’m literally surviving on potatoes and eggs O:) And dieting is the last thing I’ll do on earth.

The only tip that I found effective is oil massage. So here I am with the result of my research and practical experiments! 😀


All I do is massage my hair with a LOT of hair oil once or twice a week, applying oil generously from roots to tips, before sleeping. And wash them the next day! I love Parachute Advanced Hot oil. It’s a blend of many oils and is really effective. The regular coconut oil from Parachute also works fine.

You need to have patience to actually see it working. You’ll realize it with time, just like I did! Also, I never wash my hair more than twice a week. Not just because I’m lazy af, but also because washing hair frequently reduces the luster and quality. I got my hair rebonded (chemical gang rape), so I was instructed to use Matrix shampoo and conditioner. But before that, I used shampoos that are very mild chemically. I’ll recommend Johnson’s baby shampoo. Mildest! You can also go for Ayurvedic shampoos. What could be better than natural ingredients after all? But I definitely won’t suggest any of the top brand shampoos available on the market that claim to show effects in one wash. Don’t you think they are too strong? I find them harsh in the long run. (I’ve tried them too)

Here are the products I use.


Conditioners and serums are important. You can go for Matrix conditioners, because I’m quite happy with them! And I’m currently content with Habib’s serum.

So here’s how I conclude the story.

  • Hair oils are bae. Religiously oil your hair every week!
  • Wash hair less frequently to keep them lively and lustrous.
  • Save your hair from strong shampoos. Switch to mild natural shampoos right now!
  • Styling is okay. We need it, even though it means harsh chemicals and heating machines! But make sure you maintain a proper hair care routine that fixes them back. Keep styling frequent. But keep caring frequent too!
  • Get your hair trimmed regularly. I don’t choose to trim mine, but I’ll recommend this because I know it works and is suggested in almost every hair care blog!

I’m crazy for long hair and I literally wish to wake up one day, to my hair double the length they are! Or triple 😀 Hope you try this and hope it works for you too! Do you have more tips for me? Share them or your hair stories in comments here. Your troubles, hair care tips, styling tips, anything!

Connect on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Visit My online store to shop!

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It was perhaps a small incident. Not that big a deal to have come across a text message of this kind, but dear sender, keeping quiet against your sweet love tokens will be much rude right? You pleaded for a reply. So here’s a grand, warm response.

I was real offended and disgusted to have crossed such a smutty mind. At first I decided to ignore it, like most other girls, but couldn’t resist the urge to teach this person a lesson. I took a screenshot and immediately shared it with my brother. So lesson number one girls: if you come across anything of this sort, please consult at least one or two persons, preferably elder to you or who you think can advise good, to decide what to do about it. My brother warned him through a gentle text, and this wasn’t repeated since. Don’t underestimate the power of mature words!

It didn’t close there though. The thing was constantly on my mind, and I started wondering about the variety of shit that girls come across in this world. What Mr. Shubham Singh(fake, obvio) did was just a peanut in front of it all, but I am not taking it. No girl should, howsoever small the offence is. Yes. Offence. If a person sends abusive/harassing/offensive/threatening messages to you over social media or any other platform, they are committing an offence that you can take legal action against.

Also, to be honest, I was scared about the consequences of taking a bold action. Often, taking spontaneous actions in anger backfires. You cannot predict about a person you know nothing about, especially if the person is such a dimwit to make fake accounts for this purpose. This little thought poked all my fears. The fears of almost every girl

Lesson no. 2: No immediate actions. Keep calm for a while, you’ll deal with it better.

Anyway, just warning the person and reporting his messages to Facebook worked here. But I am still prepared with a list of actions if he or any guy comes up with more of it. I am not taking shit.

A message to Shubham Singh and his kind.

We feel sorry for your mom and the women associated with you; and fail to understand why they don’t cross your mind when you do such a thing. Why you never imagine how your deeds can make someone (a woman) feel? That when you follow a girl who’s alone, pass comments for fun, her heart starts to race and she panics. That when you send her dirty messages, her smile fades away and she worries. That when you try to touch her in a bus, she won’t forget it her entire life. Never ever. That when you grope her, she goes literally numb. That when you throw acid on her face, she silently wishes to end her life. That when you rape her, you become her nightmare for ages. A nightmare even when she’s awake, crying. That people like you have become a girl’s biggest fear. And that you can change it. With just a thought. With just a decision of doing it or not doing it. With just a realization, that a woman is a sensitive human being. And that the world would be better if you think about taking care of her instead of fucking her hard.

Here’s a small part of what you’ve earned from my Instagram supporters.


And you still enjoy it. But keep in mind, times are changing and we girls are taking no more shit.

A message to girls

Even though it’s the guys who should be taught what to do, here’s a little advice to girls about how to deal with it. There’s no doubt that you are strong. You are a woman, you are born strong. But always (extra emphasis) discuss it with someone, your siblings, a close friend, or parents. It’s better to consider a few more points of view so as to come up with a wise decision. If the case is not very big, for example the one I have mentioned,

  • Try to tell the sender to stop troubling you, through polite and friendly words. Don’t use words that might hurt his ego or provoke him to cause harm to you. Take help from sensible acquaintances.
  • If he doesn’t understand, block him or report the conversation to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • If he still tries to bother, report the case to any cyber crime cell by filing an FIR.

Girls can often sense the danger in the beginning. Trust your instincts and don’t take it lightly. Stay alert and aware. You can protect yourself! Take care.

Tell men that you are not taking shit. Tell girls to stay strong and confident. Share this article as much as you can to spread the message.

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The story so far…

I’m Tavneet Walia, 21. I come from Jabalpur (‘Jabal’ as the cool ones call it here). The town is ordinary, with ordinary fashion trends, but a bit too beautiful girls! And thanks to this mismatch, Juno Statement was born. When I wanted to get myself some nice handbags, I realized that I can’t even think of one good store, particularly for the bags of my dreams. I wanted to arrange them, not just for myself, but for all the girls who understand the importance of fashion in life. I wanted to create a brand. A brand that represents the world of girls. A brand under which every single product, small or big, talks about the statement of the girls who’ll carry it.

I immediately discussed it with my brother, Sanmeet Singh Walia, and even though I’m not enjoying this idea of praising him, I thank him for the support he has always offered. He is the firm support that Juno Statement is leaning against, that I am leaning against. People ask me why I write ‘co-founder’ under my name. Who is the other founder? It’s him. It was my idea, but he helped me bring it to life!

Anyway. So we took it seriously and started planning it! We preferred the trending online system over a brick-and-mortar store and the challenge was to reach people over the internet. Facebook played the role here! The best part about Facebook is the reach that a post can achieve. A post on facebook automatically gains popularity as more and more people like/comment on it. And God bless the tagging feature! So I got up to create my page the same day. But we had to think of a name for the brand first. I remember how we kept coming up with names that can match the theme of our brand. ‘Statement’ came before ‘Juno’ because we pictured our customers as the ones who possess their own style, their own statement. Sanmeet had a favourite word that time! Junoesque. It’s an adjective for a smart, shapely and intellectual woman. And since it is pronounced like Juno, we cut off esque and kept Juno. And here we are!

We created the page, messaged a lot of my Facebook contacts about the idea I had on my mind and invited them to like it. It had begun.

I was in 3rd year of Bachelor of Engineering course then, and had just started with my preps for MBA entrance exams. But I knew I wanted to do this. My brother worked in Mumbai that time and through his contacts, we came in touch with a designer and manufacturer. That’s where the first lot came from! We took photographs, I was the model, I was the photo-editor, spent hours photoshopping, uploaded the pictures to the page and tagged a lot of people on all posts.

This one is my favorite from the first album:

It was easy to sell out the first lot. All the customers were my friends or close acquaintances. The challenge was to sell the next batch! We explored more about online selling and came to know about selling on Instead of confining it to the city, we considered selling across India. It has become so much simpler and convenient these days. There are two really good things about eBay. First, you can experience online selling without going through any legal business registrations. This way you can get an idea about the scope and get your venture legally registered after you’re sure. Second, you don’t need a payment gateway account of your own. eBay takes care of all the payments! There’s a third good point too. eBay is one of the very oldest online shopping platforms and is trusted by a lot of customers worldwide.

I opened a basic store on I remember that we celebrated the ‘inauguration’ by going out for dinner! We promoted the products ONLY on Facebook, and most of the page members were from Jabalpur. I still received orders from places like Ahmedabad, Goa, Mumbai, Kanpur, Noida, etc. That’s eBay’s magic. 🙂

I sold the first three lots this way. And there was an intermission here. A big one. Studies!! I got back to preparing for CAT. Scored 83%ile, which wasn’t a score good enough to get me admission in any of the top 20 B-Schools. And I was least interested to go for a job and become a techie. I wasn’t even interested. 😛

Juno Statement got resumed. More seriously this time! Instagram created the biggest difference. I came to learn that reaching potential customers on Instagram is far easier than that on Facebook.

All this time I kept selling the stuff on eBay.

Later we got Juno Statement registered as a legal business, bought a custom domain and opened our own online store ( No we didn’t get a website made. Shortcuts, you know! There are a number of websites that offer fully functional, custom online stores on rent. I explored a few platforms and landed on A glimpse of our store:


This has been such an experience. I have enjoyed every part of it. And I’m enjoying it more than ever! There have been barriers, of course. But let’s call them lessons now! There’s still a lot to happen to Juno Statement. I’ll make sure I can write something actually more interesting about it, when it becomes as big as it appears in my dreams.

Know more and connect with Juno Statement on FacebookInstagramPinterestTwitter.

Thanks to all the supporters!:)

Visit to shop. Oh and leave comments please! That makes me happy.